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There are always lifeguards on duty at Club Bob!

Always a party at Club Bob
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Our Spa is very popular

Links to pictures from other friendly functions

Hot off the presses pictures from the 8/2/03 Hawaiian Party

 Halloween Party 2000

 Halloween Party 2001

 Mike Golds Wedding

 July 11th 2003 Tiger Game Terry on field

 Las Vegas Trip 2002

 Las Vegas Trip 2003

 July 3rd 2003 Party on the Lake

 Halloween Party 2003

 Hanukah Party 2003

 New Years Eve Party 2003


 Jordyn's Bat Mitzvah

 Las Vegas Trip 2004

July 3rd 2004 Party on the Lake 

Hawaiian Party 2004!

Chicago Air Show 2004

Halloween Party 2004

Kersch 10th Anniversary Party

Zucker Brunch 11/04

Hanukah Party 2004

Christmas and New Years Eve party pictures

Rob & Kim's 25th Anniversary Party

Kersch's Mardi Gras Party 2005

Jack Abramson's 40th Birthday

Las Vegas Trip 2005

Relay For Life 2005

3rd of July Party 2005

July 8, 2005 Jill's Birthday

Hawaiian Party July 30, 2005

Samantha Dines Bat Mitzvah 9/4/2005

Halloween Party 2005

Hanukah Party 2005

New Years Eve 12/31/05

Super Bowl 2006

Alexis 12th Birthday and Talent Show

Carnival Eastern Caribbean Cruise 2006

Cruise part 2 Pictures taken by Jill

Cruise part 3 pictures by Tammy and Sami

Las Vegas Trip 2006

Relay For Life 2006

July 3rd 2006 Party

Horseback Riding

Hawaiian Party 2006

Gold's Halloween Party 2006

Kersch Halloween Party 2006

New Years 2007

Jennifer Zucker's Bat Mitzvah

Jennifer Zucker's Bat Mitzvah 2

Jennifer Zucker's Bat Mitzvah 3

Alexis's Bat Mitzvah
Las Vegas Trip 2007
Dwight's 50th Birthday

Relay For Life 2007

July 3rd 2007 Party
 Hawaiian Party 2007

Ethan's Bar Mitzvah

Ethans Bar Mitzvah part 2

Golds Halloween Party 2007

Ron & Doralee's 50th anniversary party

Royal Caribbean Cruise 2008 Porkys pics

Royal Caribbean Cruise 2008 Tammy's pics

Royal caribbean Cruise 2008 Shawn's pics

Brianna Dines Bat Mitzvah
Bri's Bat Mitzvah out of towner events

Relay For Life 2008

July 3rd 2008 Party

Hawaiian Party 2008

Gold's halloween Party 2008

Relay For Life 2009

July 3rd, 2009 Party

Halloween Party 2009

Matthew Elias's Bar Mitzvah

Relay For Life 2010
July 3rd 2010 Party

Southfield High School class of 1980 30th Reunion

Hawaiian Party 2010
Max Warner's Bar Mitzvah

Halloween Party 2010

Christmas Ham Party 2003
Relay For Life 2011
July 3rd 2011 Party
Hawaiian Party 2011
Halloween Party 2011

Relay For Life 2012
Porky's 50th Birthday
July 3rd 2012 Party
Allie Friedman's Bat Mitzvah
Relay For Life 2013
July 3rd 2013 Party
Relay For Life 2014
July 3rd 2014 Party
Relay For Life 2015
Danielle & Doug's Wedding
July 3rd 2015 Party

Jordyn & Max's Wedding
Relay For Life 2016

square dance

happy anniversary

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